Beauty of Christmas

Good Morning Jayden,

I think I am more excited this year for Christmas than I ever have been, even as a kid.  You are enjoying all the decorations and Christmas stuff so much this year it’s fantastic to watch.  It is a great feeling for me to be able to bring this wonder and joy to you.  Everyday when we come home from work and school you are as amazed at the lights and decorations outside as you were the day before.  We walk inside and its “Mommy we have TWO Christmas trees!”.  I told you this morning that there were only 8 days until Christmas…”It’s Christmas now mommy that doesn’t make any sense”  🙂 This is your new thing lately “that doesn’t make any sense!” I love it.  Scott is just as excited to see your smiling face on Christmas morning.  He’s had so much fun helping make the first Christmas that you can really enjoy the best.


Time for me to get back to work. I love you buddy.



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