Just an average Saturday.

We had such a good day today. Nothing special happened. No grand adventures or life changing moments. We hung around the house together this morning after Scotty went to work. Played with your favorite trucks of the moment, talked to daddy on Skype for a while and horsed around until it was time to start getting things done. 

We ran errands all after noon bouncing in and out of the truck from store to store. But it was just you and me, and you were in a great mood having fun telling stories and being my helper. We had wrapping paper sword fights in the dollar store, and cart rides at the flea market. Snuggled up and watched a couple movies when we got home.  I couldn’t stop telling you how much I enjoyed hanging out with you and showering you with kisses and love…only to get sweeter kisses back aand “me too mommies”.

I think I take back the life changing moments part..I like to think all the awesome collection of moments like these we get to have will build up to you being a happy healthy adult. 

Anyway kiddo much to do tomorrow time for me to go nini too. I love you so much and am so proud of all that you are already.


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