The Toddler Rollercoaster

Good Morning Jayden,

Phew what a rough couple weeks we’ve had buddy.  You’re really starting to push boundaries and assert yourself which is awesome, that’s what you need to do…but man is it trying on Scott and I.  I think the most frustrating part is that 90% of the time you are awesome.  You’re funny, sweet, smart, in general a blast to be around, so when that 10% toddler comes out its like WOAH THERE bring me back my other Jayden.

Right now you are on day 3 of “being grounded” You helped pack up all your toys and lock them away in your closet (honestly, it was best clean up I’ve ever seen you do and you did it with a smile go figure).  You have books to “read” and Scott and I come and talk to you every night about why you are grounded and what we expect and so on.

When we were talking to you yesterday I stopped to think about this word “grounded” and it dawned on me, probably the first time ever, that it really is meant to “ground” you.  Give you that time out from whatever it is that is currently going on, give you time to reorient yourself, bring you back to baseline and start over.  First time I could really appreciate the value that it can hold.  I think we all need to be grounded once in a while.  Anyway I hope your time out helps.

I know that you are 3 and this behavior is “normal” but I hope we can give you the tools you need to overcome issues and situations appropriately and in a healthy way.  Then take from the entire situation a lesson.  Of course right now it will be “listen to mommy and Scotty and don’t poop in your pants” but hey it’s a start!

Back to work for me

Love you so much!