Unseen Changes

Good Morning Jayden,

It’s been a while since I’ve written in here to you.  Things have been crazy, getting ready for the wedding, and the vacation and all that.

One thing that struck me amidst it all… You change so much, every day it is something new and I see it and love it.  Coming back after two weeks of little to no interaction with you everything seems different.  You seem taller, you are DEFINITELY tanner (my little beach bum 😀 )  You’re attitude has changed some for the good some for the bad as always.  And you’ve added “anyway” to your vocabulary.  I missed the first time you really swam by yourself.  It doesn’t make me sad though.

It makes me appreciate that I get to see you grow and develop every day.  Never taking for granted any time you want to stop and tell me a story for the 400th time about a dinosaur, or whichever animal you are fascinated with at that moment.


I love you Jayden.

Hugs n Kisses





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