Holy Smokes! It’s Been 4 Years already!!

Hi Jayden,

Good lord you are 4 years old already!  It’s gone by so fast, but at the same time SO much has happened in these 4 years.  Of course for you EVERYTHING has happened.  You start VPK in the fall then off to real school.  You’ve started telling “jokes” which consist of 

You: Mommy want to hear a joke

Me: Of course

You: Pineapple

You: You have to laugh Mommy

Me: Oh of course “hahaha…”

And this goes on until you run out of fruits and vegetables or you see a “dinosaur” outside that is attacking.

You continue to amaze me though.  We got you some Legos for your birthday and you came downstairs last night to show us the battleship you had made to shoot the truck you and I had put together.  It was pretty good 🙂 and it even  had little spots on the wings that were the “shooting parts”.



No longer the tiny little helpless babe


Instead the proud little independent



Love you kiddo